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Federal Court Action Challenging Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Exclusion of Child Abusing Teachers

Here are the materials so far in Shaff v. Claymore (D.S.D.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 1-1 Emergency Petition to Exclude.pdfDownload 1-2 Civil Complaint in Frasier v Shaff.pdfDownload

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South Dakota Federal Court Rejects Double Jeopardy Argument Premised on Federal Control of Oglala Tribal Court

Here are the materials in United States v. Kills Warrior (D.S.D.): 1 Indictment.pdfDownload 36 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 38 Government Opposition.pdfDownload 40 Magistrate Order.pdfDownload 41 Objection.pdfDownload

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