BACKGROUND: There are approximately 370 million Indigenous people living throughout the world today*. We go by many names: Tribes, Nations, First, Native or Original people… the list goes on. We are diverse and unique, with many distinct cultures, languages and living traditions influenced by our connections to the natural world.


CONCEPT: Indigenous World is an accessible technological resource designed for engaging the unique arts, cultures, ideas and identities of Indigenous people. Powered by the expertise and unity of “Indian Country” today, our website serves to connect users to the best existing online resources available to navigate the distinctive arts and vibrant living cultures of First Peoples throughout North American and the world.


PURPOSE: Indigenous World is a non profit organization dedicated to fostering the cultural, social and economic advancement of Indigenous people and communities.


Our MISSION is to connect people to the source of Indigenous knowledge: present-day Native communities, authentic art, cultural teachings and resources.


Our VISION for Indigenous World is to create a thriving online gathering space that fosters collective growth through respectful engagement of Indigenous cultures, communities and commerce.


We seek to partner with, promote and support other Indigenous organizations, individuals and projects that facilitate cultural pathways and provide socio-economic support to Indigenous Communities.

We are committed to enhancing the lives of Indigenous people and organizations that we work with and use the funds that we raise and the donations that we receive to create and distribute educational content, cover overhead expenses associated with running a not-for-profit organization, pay for technology products and services, and also donate a portion of funds to programs and organizations that encourage and foster collective and sustainable growth among Indigenous Communities across Turtle Island.


Education, authenticity, and respectful engagement between friends from different cultures are some of the essential elements on which Indigenous World Resource Center was founded. We support connections that are respectful of cultural differences and welcome all to join in the vibrant regeneration of our social, economic and cultural life-ways.


Authenticity is paramount and protected throughout the site in accordance with the Indian Arts and Crafts Act (IACA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)