Indigenous World Initiatives

Our initiatives are created to bring additional awareness and support to specific Indigenous groups and topics.


This initiative serves to bridge gaps that exist for American Indian, Alaska Native and First Nations Deaf individuals and groups by providing additional support when it comes to culture, community and communication. By creating easier access to cultural teachings, tools and resources, we can improve the social and spiritual health and well-being of this population.



~ Honoring the Matriarch ~

In traditional matrilineal societies, women were honored and respected for their wisdom and deep connection to the earth and celestials as life givers.

This initiative brings education and awareness to the connections between Women, Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon; and the modern Indigenous Matriarchs that exist today.

Our Partners:

Iakionhnhéhkwen “We Sustain Life”


Strengthening our connection to our roots through planting and food (sovereignty). Indigenous food sovereignty is fundamentally achieved by upholding our sacred responsibility to nurture healthy, interdependent relationships with the land, plants and animals that provide us with our food.
This initiative serves to educate and promote Indigenous cultural food, planting and harvesting practices.


Creating a safe, supportive and nurturing environment for our Youth and the Next Seven Generations to come.

This initiative serves to promote cultural teachings, events and organizations that nurture the healthy development of Indigenous Youth and future community leaders.