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Retired SCT Justice Sandra Day O’Connor is Dead

NYTs CNN Just realizing now SOC retired pre-Turtle Talk so we never put together a post-retirement thing like we did for Stevens, RBG, et al. […]

American Indians [Smithsonian Magazine] Profile of Pokagon Band Peacemaking Court

Here is “Native Negotiations are a Winning Alternative to Courts.”

Turtle Mountain and Spirit Lake Win Redistricting Lawsuit Against North Dakota

On November 17, 2023, the North Dakota federal district court ruled in favor of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and the Spirit Lake […]

Eighth Generation: A Journey Through Native American Art and Culture in Downtown Seattle

Embark on a virtual tour of Eighth Generation’s stunning new store in downtown Seattle with Colleen Echohawk, CEO and member of the Pawnee Nation of […]

Breanna Bollig on Indian Education Rights

Breanna K. Bollig has published “Improving Public Schools: What Advocates Can Learn From Indian Education Rights” in the Journal of Law and Education. An except: […]

New Mexico COA Dismisses Effort to Force School District Consultation with Navajo Nation over Reopening of Schools During Pandemic

Here is the order in National Education Association of New Mexico v. Central Consolidated School District (N.M. Ct. App.): October 25, 2023- National Education Association […]

Larry Yazzie: A Global Ambassador for Exploring Native Culture on an Epic Road Trip – Pow Wow Life 98

Exploring Native Culture on an Epic Road Trip: A Adventure In the vast landscape of Native American culture, the journey to discover and celebrate […]

Thank you Indigenous Law Conference speakers, attendees, and sponsors!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2023 Indigenous Law Conference! TICA CHAMPIONS -Cherokee Nation-Chickasaw Nation-Fields Han Cunniff PLLC-Invenio Tribal Law-Lieff Cabraser Heimann & […]

Adrian Sutherland: Crafting Melodies and Connecting Cultures Through Music – Pow Wow Life 97

Join us for an insightful interview with Adrian Sutherland, a talented native musician from Canada’s far north. Discover his unique blend of roots, rock, folk, […]

Federal Brief in Opposition in Klamath River Matter [McCarren Act]

Here is the brief in Klamath Irrigation District v. Bureau of Reclamation (No. 23-216): BOR.pdfDownload Petition is here.

MHA Nation Prevails in Redistricting Lawsuit

On November 2, 2023, the North Dakota federal district court ruled in favor of the MHA Nation and North Dakota on motions for summary judgment. […]

Spin To Win – 2023 Explore Native Challenge

Welcome to the 2023 Explore Native Challenge for Native American Heritage Month. During November, I want to challenge you to learn more about Native culture […]

Louis LaRose Walks On

Louis LaRose, former chair of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, has walked on. News profile here. As chairman, Mr. LaRose testified on behalf of the […]

Celebrating Resilience and Leadership: Barbie’s Wilma Mankiller Doll

Have you seen the new Barbie?  I’m excited to share something special that resonates with Native heritage and celebrates the strength of Native women. About […]


By Robert A. Williams, Jr. At its annual meeting next week, the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) will consider removing state recognized tribal governments […]

TICA Final Panel — Native Judges in Federal and State Courts

Judge Lauren King, Judge Sarah Wheelock, Judge Allie Maldonado, and Judge Wenona Singel (moderator)

10th Circuit Case Challenging Federal Jurisdiction on Pueblo Fee Lands

Here are the briefs in United States v. Smith: APPELLANT’S OPENING BRIEF United States Response Brief Pueblo Amicus 2023-07-12_ Brief of the SofNM as Amicus […]

FNDI Justice Essay by Fletcher: “Justice, the Colonizer, and the Michigan Anishinaabek”

First Nations Development Institute (First Nations) is pleased to launch a new online series of essays that focuses on Native justice. With generous support from […]

Federal Court Action Challenging Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Exclusion of Child Abusing Teachers

Here are the materials so far in Shaff v. Claymore (D.S.D.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 1-1 Emergency Petition to Exclude.pdfDownload 1-2 Civil Complaint in Frasier v Shaff.pdfDownload […]

ExploreNative.Travel – Add Native American Culture on Your Travels

I’m thrilled to share some exciting news with you: look at what we just rolled out a brand new resource – ExploreNative.Travel.” It’s your go-to […]

Tanner Allread on SCOTUS’ Improper Use of Indian Removal Era Analysis in Modern Day Indian Law Cases

W. Tanner Allread has published “The Specter of Indian Removal: The Persistence of State Supremacy Arguments in Federal Indian Law” in the Columbia Law Review. […]

Not Invisible Act Commission Report

Here, finalized on Nov. 1: 34-niac-final-report_version-11.1.23_final It’s over 200 pages, so I’ve only been able to skim it so far, but it appears incredibly comprehensive: […]

Montana Law Releases National NALSA Moot Court Competition Problem

Here. The National Native American Law Student Association (NNALSA), in partnership with the University of Montana, Alexander Blewett III School of Law NALSA Chapter, are […]

Exploring Oklahoma’s Indigenous Treasures: A Native American Cultural Guide

Oklahoma Native American Cultural Guide Oklahoma is home to 39 different Native American Nations, including the Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Choctaw. Many of Oklahoma’s First Americans […]

SCOTUS Declines to Review Ninth Circuit’s Rule 19/Tribal Immunity Decision

Here is Monday’s order list. The petition was Klamath Irrigation District v. Bureau of Reclamation: petition and opposition briefs.

Pow Wow Grant Program – Helping To Keep Traditions Alive holds a profound appreciation for the rich cultural traditions of Native American communities. We recognize the vital importance of preserving and carrying forward these […]

Texas Federal Court Dismisses Title VII Suit against Alaska Regional Corp.

Here are the materials in Balli v. Akima Global Services LLC (S.D. Tex.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 5 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 8 Response.pdfDownload 9 Reply.pdfDownload 14 Magistrate […]

Killers of The Flower Moon: Missed Opportunities and Unheard Voices

In “Killers of The Flower Moon,” Martin Scorsese’s adaptation of David Grann’s 2017 book, a dark chapter in American history is brought to life on […]

Sarah Crawford, Reneau J. Longoria and Heather Whiteman Runs Him on 2023’s Major SCOTUS Decisions

Sarah Crawford, Reneau J. Longoria and Heather Whiteman Runs Him have published “Decisions Impacting Indian Country in the 2023 Supreme Court Term” in the Montana […]

SCOTUS Denies Stay in West Flagler Suit

Here are the materials in West Flagler Associates Ltd. v. Haaland: Application for Stay Federal Response Order Denying Stay + Kavanaugh Statement Seminole Letter Lower […]

Preserving Native American Culture: 5 Organizations Making a Difference

Native American culture is where traditions, languages, and stories aren’t just things of the past but living traditions that still shape today and inspire tomorrow. […]

Comment Deadline to Feds on ICWA Needs Extended to January 12

This extension is regarding the letter in this post. The Administration (DOI, HHS, and DOJ) are asking for input on the following: What additional supports […]

Wyoming SCT Issues Mixed Opinion in Northern Arapaho Tribe v. Baldwin, Crocker, and Rudd

Here. An excerpt: BCR did not comply with the procedural requirements of Rule 11, and the district court erred when it imposed Rule 11 sanctions […]

California COA Briefs in Yavapai-Apache v. La Posta

Here: La Posta Opening Brief.pdfDownload Yavapai Apache Response Brief.pdfDownload Calif Gambling Commission Response Brief.pdfDownload Prior post here.

MSU College of Law Indigenous Law & Policy Center job announcement: Communications Coordinator

Please share with your networks! The ILPC is seeking applicants for the position of Communications Coordinator. The deadline for applications is October 30, 2023, and […]

Mississippi Federal Court Orders Tribal Court Exhaustion in Claim against Choctaw Resort

Here are the materials in Brown v. Choctaw Resort Development Enterprise (S.D. Miss.): 1 Complaint 7 Motion to Dismiss 9 Response 10 Reply 19 DCT […]

Modoc Drops Reservation Boundaries Suit

Here is the motion in the now-consolidated case of Eastern Shawnee Tribe v. Drummond (N.D. Okla.): 34 Modoc Motion for Voluntary Dismissal.pdfDownload Prior post here. […]

Professionalism – An Interactive Activity at the Indigenous Law Conference

8:30-10:30 ET Professionalism – An Interactive Activity (Ethics) Virjinya Torrez (Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma), Assistant Attorney General, Pascua Yaqui Tribe TJ McReynolds (Pueblo de San […]

New Student Scholarship on Circuit Split in Applicability of Federal Employment Laws to Tribes

Logan C. Hibbs has published “Not So Clear and Plain: Exploring the Circuit Split on the Applicability of Federal Labor & Employment Laws to Tribes” […]

Montana Federal Court Allows Habeas Petition against Blackfeet to Move Forward

Here are the materials in Arocha v. Blackman (D. Mont.): 10 Amended Habeas Petition.pdfDownload 22 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 24 Motion for Judgment on the Pleadings.pdfDownload […]

First Circuit Materials in Littlefield v. Dept. of the Interior

Here are the briefs: Littlefield Brief Mashpee Tribe Federal Brief Reply Oral argument audio here.

AILC & PLSI Judicial Clerkship Panel Discussion Next Week

Judicial Clerkships Panel Discussion October 17, 2023, 12-1 pm MTZoom Webinar with Q&A The tribal, state, and federal benches need more Native judges and judicial […]

Explore New Mexico’s Rich Native American Culture: Museums, Landmarks, and Pow Wows: New Mexico Native American Travel Guide

Home to the largest Pow Wow in the country, New Mexico has a deep connection to its indigenous roots. Santa Fe is a movable feast […]

Native American Medicine and Healing Practices: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness

It’s all about nature The Earth does not belong to us; we belong to the Earth. – Chief Seattle  This quote from Chief Seattle reminds […]

Arizona COA Holds State Court Does Not Have Jurisdiction over Tribal Member Defendant in Claim Arising on State Highway on Reservation

Here is the opinion in Medina v. Estate of Cody: 1 CA-CV 22-0709 – Medina v. Chee – Opinion.pdfDownload An excerpt: The issue before us […]

SCOTUS Denies Two Indian Law Cert Petitions

Here is today’s order list. The two denied petitions are Bird Industries v. Tribal Business Council of the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold […]

2023 Explore Native Giveaway – Native American Heritage Month Challenge

More info coming October 15, 2023! You can sign up now to get alerts. The post 2023 Explore Native Giveaway – Native American Heritage Month […]

MCN District Court Orders Enrollment Office to Reconsider Denials of Freedmen Descendants’ Citizenship Applications

Here is the order in Grayson v. Citizenship Board (MCN Dist. Ct.): mcn dist. ct., order and opinion on appeal from citizenship board of the […]

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Females of all ages in Indigenous communities are more prone to becoming victims of sex trafficking. In 2015, research found that an estimated 40 percent […]

Sixth Circuit Briefs in Nessel v. Enbridge Energy LP

Here: Michigan Brief.pdfDownload Tribes Amicus Brief.pdfDownload States Amicus Brief.pdfDownload 27-2.-FLOW-Amicus-Brief.pdfDownload

63 Tribal and First Nations Support Attorney General Dana Nessel in 6th Circuit Court of Appeals – Line 5

Amicus Briefs (also known as “friend of the court” briefs) in support of Nessel’s position were filed by 12 states and the District of Columbia, 63 Tribal […]

Borrower Class Prevails over Tribal Lending Operation’s (former?) Partner in Virginia Federal Court

Here are the materials in Williams v. Big Picture Loans LLC (E.D. Va.): 1166 Williams MSJ.pdfDownload 1206 Opposition.pdfDownload 1241 Reply.pdfDownload 1406 DCT Order.pdfDownload Prior posts […]

Vanessa Racehorse and Anna Hohag on Climate Justice and LandBack

Vanessa Racehorse and Anna Hohag have posted “Achieving Climate Justice Through Land Back: An Overview of Tribal Dispossession, Land Return Efforts, and Practical Mechanisms for […]

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Briefs in Stitt v. City of Tulsa

Here: Stitt Opening Brief.pdfDownload Creek Seminole Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Tulsa Brief.pdfDownload Stitt Reply.pdfDownload Creek Seminole Reply Brief.pdfDownload Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Reply […]

United States Seeks SCOTUS Review of Decisions Awarding Contract Support Costs to Tribal Health Clinics

Here is the petition in Beccera v. Northern Arapaho Tribe: US v NAT Cert Petition.pdfDownload Question presented: Whether IHS must pay “contract support costs” not […]

Canada Files Amicus Curiae Brief in 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Bad River Case

The Government of Canada submitted a brief as amicus curiae to once again ask the Court to consider “Canada’s Treaty rights” by invoking the 1977 […]

Indigenous Stories on Stage: Natives of the Apocalypse and the Theater Renaissance

In an interview with Paul G the Natives of the Apocalypse (NOTA) group shared their inspiring journey of creating indigenous theater. Comprising four talented Native […]

ASU-UCLA Gathering of Indigenous Legal Scholars Part 3

Forrest Tahdooahnippah Heather Tanana Angela Riley, Vanessa Racehorse, Lauren van Schilfgaarde, Kekek Stark

Discovering California’s Rich Native American Heritage: California Native American Travel Guide

California Native American Cultural Guide As one of the largest states in the country, California has a profound Native American heritage that spans the entire […]

CLE on Native American Tribal Claims and Federal Jurisdiction on Oct. 9

Please join us either in person at the MSU Law School or via livestream. Register here October 9, 2023 | 12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.Castle […]

Fort Belknap Sues Greenberg Traurig

Here is the complaint in Fort Belknap Indian Community Planning and Development Corp. v. Weddle (D. Mont.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 1-2 Exhibit A.pdfDownload 1-3 Exhibit B.pdfDownload […]

Ninth Circuit Rejects Lummi’s U&A Fishing Claims

Here is the opinion in Swinomish Indian Community v. Lummi Nation. Briefs here. Lower court materials here.

How to Celebrate Native American Heritage Month

November is a special month in America– Native American Heritage Month! This is a time to honor and recognize the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, […]

National Native American Law Students Association (NNALSA) Moot Court Competition – Call for Donations & Judges for Briefs and Oral Arguments

The NNALSA Moot Court competition will be hosted by the Alexander Blewett III School of Law at the University of Montana on February 23-24, 2024. […]

Washington COA Rejects Tribal Employee Immunity Defense, But Rejects Liability on the Merits [DV Wrongful Death @ Tulalip]

Here are the available materials in Pitoitua v. Gaube (Wash. Ct. App.): Opinion.pdfDownload Respondent’s Brief.PDFDownload

New Mexico Federal Court [Browning, J.] Holds State Courts Do Not Possess Jurisdiction over Tort Claims Brought against Tribal Gaming but Federal Courts Have No Jurisdiction to Do Anything About It

Here are the materials in Pueblo of Pojoaque v. Biedsheid (D.N.M.): 18 Amended Complaint.pdfDownload 36-1 Buffalo Thunder MSJ.pdfDownload 41 Peña Opposition.pdfDownload 43 Biedsheid Opposition.pdfDownload 44 […]

Native America Calling Show on Angeline Boulley’s “Warrior Girl Unearthed”

Here. Part of the canon at the MEOW residence

Mastering the Art of Quillwork: A Comprehensive Guide to the Lane Stitch Technique

Quillwork, an ancient and intricate craft deeply rooted in Native American culture, has fascinated artisans and enthusiasts for generations. The timeless beauty of this art […]

Lily Gladstone: Breakout Star in ‘Killers of the Flower Moon’ Shines Light on Native American History

Killers of the Flower Moon, an Apple Original Film set to be released in October 2024 stars Native American actress and breakout star, Lily Gladstone. […]

Mass. Federal Court Quashes Subpoena of Former Tribal Lending Affiliate [tribal sovereign immunity]

Here are the materials in In re Subpoena of Kenney (D. Mass.): 3 Motion to Quash Subpoena 13 Response 18 Reply 39 Magistrate Order

Split Tenth Circuit Vacates Major Crimes Act Murder Conviction and Orders New Trial on Self-Defense

Here is the opinion in United States v. Britt. Briefs: Britt Brief US brief Reply

Tribal and First Nations of the United States and Canada file Early Warning Measure and Urgent Action Procedure Request to CERD

The undersigned Tribal and First Nations submitted a petition to the Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination to urge the Committee to examine the […]

Unveiling Arizona’s Indigenous Legacy: Explore the Vibrant Native American Tribal Heritage

Arizona Native American Travel Guide When you think of Arizona, images of the Grand Canyon, the red rocks of Sedona, or the Sonoran Desert might […]

September 2023 Eighth Generation Giveaway – Enter Daily

Ready for another giveaway? Our September(ish) giveaway will run until October 15, 2023. Thanks again to our friends at Eighth Generation for their partnership!  This […]

G. William Rice Memorial Scholarship Announcement

2023 OBA ILS Bill Rice Scholarshp Flyer v.1 Multiple $2,000-$5,000 scholarships for law students intending to practice Indian law in Oklahoma. Applications due October 13th.

“Navigating Strife: Unveiling Life on Pine Ridge Reservation through ‘War Pony’”

In the film, “War Pony,” we follow along with two young men as they navigate life in a questionable world. Their world on Pine Ridge […]

Court of Federal Claims Dismisses Suit against U.S. Arising from Winnemucca Leadership Dispute

Here are the materials in Winnemucca Indian Colony v. United States (Fed. Cl.): 22 First Amended Complaint.pdfDownload 23 US Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 25 Response.pdfDownload 28 […]

Discover the Heart of Indigenous Heritage: Book Native American Cultural Tours

In a world brimming with diverse cultures and rich heritage, there are few experiences as enlightening and enriching as immersing oneself in the traditions and […]

Arizona Federal Court Dismisses Suit against Salt River’s Great Wolf Lodge Brought by Anti-Masking Assholes

Here are (many of the) materials in Preciado v. Great Wolf Lodge (D. Ariz.): 1 Complaint 23 Motion to Dismiss Tribe Defendants 24 Motion to […]

Exploring Native American History and Grooving to Taylor Swift: Our Trip to San Francisco

I’m excited to share my recent adventure with you, as we embarked on a journey to the enchanting city of San Francisco. Our mission? To […]

New Scholarship on AI and Indian Country

Adam Crepelle and Ilia Murtazashvili have posted “Artificial Intelligence on Indian Reservations in the United States: Prospects and Challenges” on SSRN. Here is the abstract: […]

Dear Tribal Leader Letter Regarding Uniform State ICWA Law

The Uniform Law Commission is seeking to consult with tribes regarding the need and/or benefit of a uniform ICWA law for those states that either […]

Rez Ball and the Power of Native American Representation in Storytelling

In a recent episode of the Pow Wow Life podcast, host Paul Gowder interviewed Byron Graves, an Ojibwe and Lakota author from the Red Lake […]

Empowering Young Native Americans: Disney’s Impactful Scholarship and Support Programs

The Walt Disney Company has played a major role in advancing the lives of young Native Americans, mainly through funding a generous scholarship that was […]

Early Materials in Law Firm Dispute with Skull Valley Goshute

Here are the materials so far in Sichenzia Ross Ference LLP v. Skull Valley Band of Goshute Indians of Utah (S.D. N.Y.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 7 […]

State ICWA Law Chart

Over the last week, I’ve put together a (large, clunky) Google sheets of all the state ICWA laws. It isn’t perfect and subject to change […]

Indigenous Representation in Modern Media: Breaking Stereotypes and Shaping Narratives

Recent Hollywood hits like Oppenheimer, Barbie, and Marvel movies create worlds where many see themselves and can relate to the characters and storyline.  However, the […]

Red Cliff Ojibwe to Vote on Whether to Banish Tribal Members

Here is a link to the tribal resolution setting the referendum vote.

Native Americans in Muir Woods and Their Enduring Legacy

Nestled in the heart of Marin County, California, Muir Woods stands as a testament to the ages. Known for its towering redwoods, it’s a site […]

Tenth Circuit Denies Certificate of Appealability to Prisoner Attempting to Invoke McGirt Jurisdictional Defense

Here are the materials in Williams v. Harpe: Application for Certificate of Appealability CA10 Order

Illinois Federal Court Holds Flandreau Lending Company’s Mandatory Arbitration Provision is Unconscionable

Here is the opinion in Harris v. First Management Services LLC (N.D. Ill.): DCT Order.pdfDownload Briefs when PACER stops being a punk.

Spin The Wheel Giveaway – Summer 2023

New giveaway for August 2023 and new ways to play this time! You can spin the wheel below for a chance at a prize.  You […]

New Regulation, 25 C.F.R. Part 2 — Appeals From Administrative Actions

Here. Summary: The Department of the Interior (Department) is finalizing updates to its regulations governing the process for pursuing administrative review of actions by Indian […]

Split Tenth Circuit Panel Affirms Sanctions Award Against Ute Tribe

Here is the order in Becker v. Ute Indian Tribe. Lower court materials here.

Utah Federal Court Allows Employment Claim against Skull Valley Tribal Officials to Proceed

Here are the materials in Skull Valley Health Care LLC v. NorStar Consultants (D. Utah): 2 Notice of Removal to Federal Court.pdfDownload 2-4 State Court […]

WaPo Article on Diversity in OSG Office and Letter to the Editor in Response

Recently the Washington Post published a long article on the issues in the Office of Solicitor General regarding their lack of diversity in hiring. This […]

How Powwows Are Organized

Unraveling Misconceptions: The Organization of Powwows If you’re new to powwows or have been to a few, you may wonder about the ins and outs […]

South Dakota Federal Court Rejects Double Jeopardy Argument Premised on Federal Control of Oglala Tribal Court

Here are the materials in United States v. Kills Warrior (D.S.D.): 1 Indictment.pdfDownload 36 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 38 Government Opposition.pdfDownload 40 Magistrate Order.pdfDownload 41 Objection.pdfDownload […]

Surf Girls Hawai’i – Documentary Series Following Native Hawaiian Surfers

When Reese Witherspoon isn’t busy turning best-selling books into movies, like “Where the Crawdads Sing”, she’s bringing the competitive world of surfing right into our […]

Nicholas Stamates on White Collar Crime in the City of Tulsa after McGirt and Castro-Huerta

Nicholas Stamates has posted “The Aftermath of McGirt and Castro-Huerta: Problems and Possible Solutions relating to White Collar Crime in the City of Tulsa,” recently […]

D.C. Federal Court (again, mostly) Dismisses Narragansett Challenge to Federal Approval of Highways

Here is the order in Narragansett Indian Tribe v. Pollack (D.D.C.): 39 DCT Order.pdfDownload

Idaho Federal Court Remands Contract Action to Tribal Court

Here is the order in Shoshone-Bannock Tribes v. Vanir Construction Management Inc. (D. Idaho): 21 Magistrate Order.pdfDownload Briefs here.

Fond du Lac Band Ojibwe Sues Chemical Companies over PFAS

Here is the complaint in Fond du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa v. The 3M Company (D.S.C.): fond-du-lac-band-of-lake-superior-chippewa-v.-3m-company-the-et-al-1Download

Ninth Circuit Affirms No Casino in Plymouth v. NIGC [Ione Band]

Here is the unpublished opinion. Briefs: Opening Brief.pdfDownload NIGC Answer Brief.pdfDownload Reply.pdfDownload Lower court materials here.

District of Alaska Dismisses Case Regarding Selawik Tribal Court Child Protection Case

The tribal child custody case here has received a lot of social media attention with very few details. The case is in Selawik Tribal Court. […]

Ninth Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Pro Se ICRA Suit Brought by Terminated Employee

Here is the unpublished opinion in Villasenor v. Torres-Martinez Desert Cahuilla Indians. The tribe’s brief: Tribe Answer Brief.pdfDownload

Ninth Circuit Rejects Effort to Stop Lithium Mine in Nevada

Here is the unpublished opinion in Western Watersheds Project v. McCullough. And same for the Bartell Ranch/Burns Paiute case. Selected briefs: Burns Paiute Brief.PDFDownload Western […]

United Nations 16th Session Expert Mechanism on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Sheryl Lightfoot of Keewenaw Bay Indian Community is the Chairperson

Washington State Bar News Indian Law Issue — July/August 2023

Here: Includes: • An overview of the U.S. Supreme Court opinion in Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta. • An interview with Tom Tremaine, a retired tribal court judge […]

Washington Federal Court Affirms Muckleshoot Tribal Court Jurisdiction over Marriage Dissolution

Here are the materials in Turpen v. Muckleshoot Tribal Court (W.D. Wash.): 45 Turpen Motion for Summary J.pdfDownload 46 Tribe Opposition.pdfDownload 47 Turpen Reply.pdfDownload 49 […]

Angela Riley on Indigenous Property Rights for Jagenenon

Angela R. Riley has published “Before Mine!: Indigenous Property Rights for Jagenagenon,” a review of Michael Heller and James Salzman’s book, “Mine!: How the Hidden Rules […]

Angelique EagleWoman on the Decolonization of Citation Practices in Scholarship

Angelique EagleWoman has posted “The Capitalization of ‘Tribal Nations’ and the Decolonization of Citation, Nomenclature, and Terminology in the United States,” recently published in the […]

Maine ICWA Signed into Law on June 30

And here is another one! Maine 131 – SP 804 item 3

California COA Affirms Massive Judgment favoring Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe against its Former Counsel

Here is the opinion in Santa Monica Development Co. v. Gabrielino-Tongva Tribe: Unpublished Opinion.PDFDownload

Oklahoma Federal Court Dismisses ICRA Habeas Petition from Cherokee Criminal Defendant Living in Poland

It’s an older case, from back in April, but here are the materials in Gilliland v. Barteaux (N.D. Okla.): 1 Habeas Petition.pdfDownload 9 Motion to […]

White Mountain Apache Tribes Dues Dept. of Labor over Commercial/Governmental Distinction

Here is the amended complaint in White Mountain Apache Tribe v. Su (D.D.C.): 38 Second Amended Complaint.pdfDownload

Sean Sherman Wins Julia Child Foundation Award

Julia Child was the original food influencer. Her love of cooking and her well-documented journey through the process is the reason she remains beloved in […]

Tenth Circuit Affirms Interior Decision on Wyandotte Lands in Kansas

Here is the opinion in State of Kansas ex rel. Kobach v. Dep’t of the Interior. Briefs here.

Ten Indigenous Films You Need to Watch

Calling all film enthusiasts: If you’re searching for a captivating cinematic experience that dives into the Indigenous American culture, look no further! While Native people […]

Seventh Circuit Affirms Immunity of LCO Health Care Center and Officials

Here is the opinion in Mestek v. Lac Courte Oreilles Community Health Center: CA7 Opinion.pdfDownload Materials here.

Tenth Circuit Decides Hooper v. City of Tulsa . . . Hooper 7, Tulsa 0

Here is the opinion in Hooper v. City of Tulsa. Briefs here and here. Substitute Hooper for Haley and Oklahoma for United States.

Are Pow Wows Open to the Public?

Are Pow Wows Open to the Public? The short answer is absolutely yes! Pow Wows are vibrant celebrations of Native American culture that showcase traditional […]

New Anishinaabe Student Scholarship on International Atrocity Crimes and Canadian Boarding Schools

Alyssa Couchie has published “ReBraiding Frayed Sweetgrass for Niijaansinaanik: Understanding Canadian Indigenous Child Welfare Issues as International Atrocity Crimes” in the Michigan Journal of International […]

Indian Child Welfare Act – ICWA – Affirmed by United States Supreme Court

On Thursday, June 15, 2023, the Supreme Court released their opinion in Haaland v. Brackeen and Indian tribes across the nation breathed a collective sigh […]

California COA Rejects Effort to Force Release of Gaming Funds through Attorney’s Lien

Here are the materials in Corrales v. California Gambling Control Commission: Unpublished Opinion.PDFDownload Jaune Smith Briefs: Corrales Opening Brief.pdfDownload State Brief.pdfDownload Corrales Reply.pdfDownload

Introducing the 23rd Annual California Indian Law Conference!

This year’s conference will take place October 2-3, 2023, at Graton Resort & Casino located near San Francisco, CA. Registration is now open and available […]

The Indigenous Law & Policy Center is Hiring a Communications Coordinator!

Communications Coordinator Position Summary The College of Law Indigenous Law & Policy Center (ILPC) welcomes candidates who have a passion for working in a context […]

Tenth Circuit Reverses Jimcy McGirt’s Conviction, Orders New Trial

Here is the opinion: CA10 Opinion.pdfDownload Briefs: McGirt Opening Brief.pdfDownload Government’s Brief.pdfDownload Reply.pdfDownload

New York Federal Court Rejects Unkechaug Fishing Rights

Here are the materials in Unkechaug Indian Nation v. New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (E.D. N.Y.): Briefs here. 120 DCT Order.pdfDownload Jaune Smith

Haaland v. Brackeen Webinar

On June 15th, The United States Supreme Court has issued an opinion in the highly anticipated Haaland v. Brackeen case. The litigation involving three foster families, Texas, four […]

West Virginia Supreme Court Repudiates Existing Indian Family; Orders Transfer to Tribal Court

Ex re Delaware Tribe v. Hon. Nowicki-Eldridge This is, as you might imagine, a description of a mess where the West Virginia agency never contacted […]

Eighth Circuit Shows Against Why FTCA’s Discretionary Function Exception Should Be Canned

Here is the cursory, bloodless opinion in Mound v. United States. Briefs here. Lower court materials here. An excerpt: In 2014, the Tribe identified a culvert—a […]

2023 Summer Giveaway – Eighth Generation Blanket Giveaway

I’m ready for summer! Let’s celebrate summer and Pow Wow season with a giveaway. Thanks to our friends at Eighth Generation for providing the prizes! […]

5 Richest Native American Tribes in the US

The Native American communities of the United States have been a fundamental part of the country’s culture, history, and economy. Throughout the years, many of […]

Supreme Court Decides Allen v. Milligan (Voting Rights)

On June 8, 2023, the Supreme Court of the United States in Allen v Milligan upheld the lower court’s determination that the newly adopted Alabama congressional maps […]

First Indigenous Woman Wins James Beard Award

The long-awaited 2023 James Beard Award took place on June 5th The ceremony honors for American hospitality by celebrating a wide pool of diverse and […]

Split Eighth Circuit Panel Shields Communications between North Dakota Legislators and Constituents that Probably Shows Racial Animus against Native Voters

Here are the materials in In re: North Dakota Legislative Assembly: Opinion Petition for Writ of Mandamus Turtle Mountain Opposition The underlying case is here.

Get the Edge on Basketball Betting with These Proven Strategies

Basketball betting can be a fun way to enjoy your favorite sport. However, like any form of sports wagering, it takes skill, knowledge and strategy […]

Split Ninth Circuit Panel Rejects Klamath Irrigation District’s Forum Shopping Efforts Designed to Thwart Bureau of Reclamation’s Release of Water for Tribal Purposes

Here are the materials in In re Klamath Irrigation District: Opinion Petition for Writ of Mandamus.pdfDownload BOR Response.pdfDownload

Oklahoma v. Hill Materials [the guy in the NYTs article]

Here: Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload Ordering Denying Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload Article here.

Michael Rusco on Castro-Huerta

Michael D. O. Rusco has posted “Oklahoma v. Castro-Huerta, Jurisdictional Overlap, Competitive Sovereign Erosion, and The Fundamental Freedom of Native Nations,” recently published in the […]

Virginia Federal Court Dismisses Suit over Monacan Intra-Tribal Political Dispute

Here are the materials in Brooks v. Burnham (W.D. Va.): 19 Amended Complaint.pdfDownload 26 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 30 Opposition.pdfDownload 31 Reply.pdfDownload 49 Defendants Supplemental Brief.pdfDownload […]

No Brackeen Today/Observations on Foster Parent Intervention

Next opinion day is June 8. While we wait for Brackeen, I wanted to highlight this story from Colorado, where the Office of Respondent Parents’ […]

New Student Scholarship on Man Camps and Indian Country

Justin E. Brooks has published “Two Countries in Crisis: Man Camps and the Nightmare of Non- Indigenous Criminal Jurisdiction in the United States and Canada” […]

Tenth Circuit Rejects Habeas Petition from Prisoner Asserting McGirt-Type Claims

Here is the opinion in McGill v. Rankin. Available brief here: McGill Brief.PDFDownload We don’t post many of these post-McGirt prisoner cases, but this is […]

No Brackeen Decision Today

Next opinion release day from the Supreme Court will be June 1. While not required by law, it is traditional for the Court to release […]

AFN BULLETIN – 22nd Session of the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII)

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Sixth Circuit Denies Intervention to Third Party Org in United States v. Michigan Treaty Litigation

Here is the order in United States v. Michigan. Briefs: Coalition Brief.pdfDownload Federal Brief.pdfDownload State Brief.pdfDownload Sault Tribe Brief.pdfDownload Coalition Reply.pdfDownload

Motion to Dismiss briefing in Bears Ears Litigation

United States’ Motion to Dismiss Amended ComplaintsDownload Tribal Nations Motion to DismissDownload Individual Plaintiffs’ OppositionDownload Garfield County Plaintiffs OppositionDownload SUWA Intervenors ReplyDownload Tribal Nation ReplyDownload […]

Harvard Law Review Casenote on Silva v. Parrish

Here. Link to the opinion here.

How the NBA Has Captivated American Fans

The National Basketball Association (NBA) games have captivated American fans for decades with its unique blend of athleticism and entertainment. From the high-flying dunks to […]

Lena’ Black v. Broken Arrow Public Schools

High school graduate Lena’ Black, an enrolled member of the Otoe-Missouria Tribe and of Osage descent, filed a lawsuit on May 15, 2023, against the Broken […]

The Impact of Native American Players on the NBA

Native American players have made significant contributions to the National Basketball Association (NBA) since its founding. Native Americans have been a vital part of the […]

Klamath Irrigation District v. Bureau of Reclamation Cert Petition [Rule 19 & Tribal Immunity]

Here: Klamath Irrigation District Cert Petition.pdfDownload Question presented: Whether Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 19 requires dismissal of an action challenging a federal agency’s use […]

AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald Calls for Support for Communities Affected by Wildfires in British Columbia and Alberta

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Shoshone-Bannock Tribes v. Vanir Construction Management, Inc. Materials (so far)

Here are the materials so far in Shoshone-Bannock Tribes v. Vanir Construction Management, Inc. 1 Notice of Removal.pdfDownload 1-2 State Court Complaint.pdfDownload 3 Tribal Court […]

Sarah Deer on Feminist Jurisprudence in Tribal Courts

Sarah Deer has published “Feminist Jurisprudence in Tribal Courts: An Untapped Opportunity” in the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. An excerpt: What if every […]

Uncovering the Tricks of Successful Online Bingo Players

With the advent of digitization, online bingo has become one of the most popular online casino games, and for good reason. It’s simple to understand, […]

Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Finds Ottawa and Miami Reservations Remain Extant

Here are the materials in State of Oklahoma v. Brester: OCCA Decision.pdfDownload Appellant Brief.pdfDownload Appellee Brief.pdfDownload Miami and Ottawa Tribes Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Peoria Tribe Amicus […]

North Dakota Federal Court Allows Challenge to Tribal TERO Suit to Proceed against TERO Officer

Here are the materials in Dakota Metal Fabrication v. Parisien (D.N.D.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 1-3 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 6 Response.pdfDownload 9 Reply.pdfDownload 21 DCT Order.pdfDownload

American Indian Law Journal, Vol. 11, No. 2

Here: Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 2 (2023) Articles PDF Toward a Tribal Role in Groundwater ManagementAlexandra Fay PDF Change by Drips and Drabs or […]

AFN National Chief RoseAnne Archibald attends coronation of King Charles III

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Building Disc Golf Courses In Indigenous Communities – Partners With Paul McBeth Foundation

Paul McBeth is a professional disc golfer with more than 10 major tournament wins including 6 World Championships.  McBeth created a foundation to help grow […]

Native American Church Suing Bank for Discrimination Based on Peyote and Race

Here are the materials so far in Mashkikii-Boodawaaning (Medicine Fireplace) v. Chippewa Valley Valley Agency Ltd. (W.D. Wis.): 11 First Amended Complaint.pdfDownload 14 Motion to […]

Joint Statement from AFN, ITK, and MNC on Audience with His Majesty King Charles III

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South Dakota Federal Court Dismisses Federal Gun Possession Indictment Relying on Rosebud’s D.V. Conviction

Here are the available materials in United States v. Peneaux (D.S.D.): 31 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 38 DCT Order.pdfDownload An excerpt from the order: Federal law […]

Pendleton Blankets and their “Native American” Inspiration

  Pendleton started weaving the ‘trade blankets’ for the Native Americans sometime in the mid to late 1800s. Its operations were spearheaded by Joe Rawnsley, […]

Sovereignty Symposium 2023

The Sovereignty Symposium is a national event held for the past 35 years in Oklahoma to provide a forum in which ideas concerning common legal […]

AFN BULLETIN – United Nations Water Conference 2023

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My Favorite Indigenous Etsy Shops

Have you shopped Etsy lately?   Etsy has become an excellent place for Indigenous creators to sell their goods!  You can find shirts, stickers, beadwork, ribbon […]

New Student Scholarship on Indian Country Criminal Sentencing

Nasrin Camilla Akbari has published “The Gladue Approach: Addressing Indigenous Overincarceration Through Sentencing Reform” in the NYU Law Review. PDF Here is the abstract: In […]

Ninth Circuit Rules against Sauk-Suiatte in U&A Matter

Here is the opinion in Upper Skagit Indian Tribe v. Sauk-Suiatte Indian Tribe. Briefs and so on here. Jaune Smith — it’s as if I […]

Tori McConnell- 2023 Miss Indian World – Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Congratulations to your new Miss Indian World! Tori McConnell Yurok and Karuk Tribes of Northwestern California Eureka, California This Miss Indian World Pageant is the […]

Photos From 2023 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

2023 Gathering of Nations Pow Wow North America’s Largest Pow Wow April 27-29, 2023 Powwow Grounds Expo New Mexico/Tingley Coliseum Albuquerque, NM, U.S.A. Countdown to […]

Nebraska Federal Court Rules in HCI Distributing Tax Case

Here are the available materials in HCI Distributing v. Hilgers (formerly Peterson) (D. Neb.): 124 HCI Motion for Summary J.pdfDownload 184 DCT Order.pdfDownload Prior post […]

Montana Court Recognize Duty to Educate Students on Native History

Here is the opinion in Yellow Kidney v. Montana Office of Public Instruction: Order – Order Denying Motion To Dismiss.pdfDownload Briefs here.

ICWA Jurisdiction Case out of the Oklahoma Supreme Court

Here is the opinion IN THE MATTER OF S.J.W. This is a truly unfortunate opinion with absurdly weak analysis that extends the reasoning in Castro-Huerta […]

ICWA Application Case out of Nebraska Supreme Court

Opinion here: N00009406PUB At Fed Bar this year, I spoke about concerns regarding the definition of an Indian child for the purposes of ICWA when […]

D.C. Circuit Allows North Dakota to Intervene in Missouri Riverbed Suit between MHA Nation and Interior Dept.

Here are the materials in MHA Nation v. Dept. of the Interior: Opinion North Dakota Opening Brief.pdfDownload Federal Answer Brief.pdfDownload North Dakota Opening Brief.pdfDownload Reply.pdfDownload

Mr. Beast Gives Away Clothes worth$2.7 Million to Hopi Residents

We’ve all heard of Mr. Beast, the generous king of YouTube. Jimmy Donaldson has a massive following on the platform in recent years due to […]

California Prevails over Alturas Rancheria in IGRA Good Faith Negotiations Suit

Here are the materials in Alturas Indian Rancheria v. Newsom (E.D. Cal.): 10-1 California Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 25 Rancheria Motion for Summary.pdfDownload 31 California Reply.pdfDownload […]

ABA SEER “Community Conversation” re: Arizona v. Navajo Nation Supreme Court Argument

Here. Title: Arizona v. Navajo Nation, U.S. Supreme Court Oral Argument Debrief Date/Time: April 20, 2023, 12–1 pm Mountain Time. Registration link: Description: Last month, the U.S. […]

MEDIA ADVISORY: AFN National Chief to hold Press Conference highlighting Indigenous priorities in Canada

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Minnesota CLE Indian Law Conference 2023

Minnesota CLE 2023.pdfDownload

Inuit Students Invented New Number System Can Now Be Used Digitally

A group of students in an Inuit middle school and their teacher invented a number system called “Kaktovik numerals, which looked and functioned differently from […]

New Scholarship on the Repatriation of the Maaso Kova

Shea Esterling has published “The Journey Home: The Repatriation of the Maaso Kova” with the American Society of International Law.

Bethany Berger on Intertribal Wildlife Orgs

Bethany Berger has posted “Intertribal: The Unheralded Element in Indigenous Wildlife Sovereignty,” forthcoming in the Harvard Environmental Law Review, on SSRN. Here is the abstract: […]

AFN Affirms Support for First Nations’ Assertion of Rights in Treaty 9 Legal Action on Cumulative Impacts

The post AFN Affirms Support for First Nations’ Assertion of Rights in Treaty 9 Legal Action on Cumulative Impacts appeared first on Assembly of First […]

Tony Hawk helps Navajo Nation Community Build a Skatepark

Tony Hawk is the most famous skateboarder ever!  He has sold thousands of boards and has his name on a popular video game. Recently, Hawk […]

Rothgerber Symposium @ UC-Boulder


Assembly of First Nations and Veterans Affairs Canada strengthen the commitment to supporting First Nations Veterans

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Call for Proposals for the 20th Annual Indigenous Law Conference

Submit materials to the form on by April 23, 2023. 

Native Feather Laws and Procedures

For Native Americans, feathers are sacred items with deep religious and cultural significance. Owning feathers is a way of connecting with their heritage and traditions. But […]

Current Federal Court Materials in LDF Easement Dispute

Here are the materials so far in Pollard v. Johnson (W.D. Wis.): 26 Amended Complaint.pdfDownload 28 Brief ISO Mot Prelim Injunct.pdfDownload 29 Prop Finding of […]

UNDRIP Implementation Project Event for April 11, 2023

from the Project: On April 11th, The Implementation Project will be hosting our annual preparation event focused on preparing for the UN Permanent Forum on […]

Attend Virtually — Our Stories Heal – Ginoojimomin Apii Dibaajimoyang

If you cannot attend this event in person, we now have a virtual link! You can watch it virtually here:

Indigenous Breastfeeding Research Project

Seeking Indigenous people who have given birth to participate in a research study to learn about your stories and experiences with feeding your baby. Angie […]

MSU Indigenous Law & Policy Center Fall 2022 Recap Newsletter

As we continue through 2023, the Michigan State University College of Law Indigenous Law & Policy Center invites you to join us in reflecting upon […]

Native Pride Dancers To Perform in Switzerland

The International Folklore Festival of Fribourg (RFI) is located in the city of Fribourg, Switzerland. Founded in 1973, the RFI is the oldest and most […]

AFN and Caring Society announce revised Final Settlement Agreement to compensate First Nations children and families

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Ninth Circuit Briefs in Lexington Insurance v. Suquamish

Here: Lexington Opening Brief.pdfDownload Suquamish Answer Brief.pdfDownload Reply TK. Lower court materials here.


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Trevor Reed on Restorative Justice for Indigenous Culture

Trevor Reed has posted “Restorative Justice for Indigenous Culture,” forthcoming in the UCLA Law Review, on SSRN. Here is the abstract: One still unresolved aspect […]

NYU NALSA Indian Law Conference Panels

Precious Benally, Carmen O’Leary, Angel Charley, Jocelyn Kestenbaum Amanda White Eagle Steve McSloy

Deals Of The Week

Ready to save $! Each week, I’ll be bringing you the best deals that I’ve found on Amazon. With so many products and categories to […]

Gathering of Nations Spotify Playlist

Gathering of Nations Pow Wow is the largest Pow Wow in North America.   The Pow Wow is held the last weekend of April in Albuquerque, […]

Seneca-Cayuga Sues Oklahoma Officials over Reservation Boundaries Post-McGirt

Here is the complaint in Seneca-Cayuga Nation v. Drummond (N.D. Okla.): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload Maybe time for some burn barrel protesting.



Ninth Circuit En Banc Oral Argument in Apache Stronghold v. United States

Briefs here. En banc stage amicus briefs here.

SCOTUSBlog Recap of Arizona v. Navajo Nation Oral Argument

Here is “Justices appear divided over Navajo Nation’s water rights.” Background materials on the case are here. According to the U.S., this area is entitled only […]

SCOTUS Denies Cert in Challenge to Spokane Tribe Water Agreement

Here is today’s order list. The denied petition is Sulgrove v. Spokane Indian Tribe. Lower court materials here. This has nothing to do with this […]

Amy Cordalis Water Law Lecture @ Montana Law

Join us Wednesday, April 12th at noon in LAW 101, or on Zoom. Amy Cordalis, Director/Founder of Ridges to Riffles Indigenous Conservation Group, will give the lecture The […]

2023 Stage 49 – Gathering of Nations Pow Wow

Stage 49 features Indigenous Traditional and Contemporary artists in the following genres: Rock, Blues, Reggae, Hip Hop, Country, Jam Bands, Dance, and much more! Don’t […]

Ninth Circuit Reinstates Alaska’s Challenge to Kake Emergency Subsistence Hunt

Here is the opinion in State of Alaska v. Federal Subsistence Board. Briefs here.

What If..? New Marvel Season Includes Indigenous Super Hero

One of your favorite Marvel series, “What If…?”  has now come with season 2, which will have 9 episodes. In fact, season 2 is set […]

Colorado Federal Court Refuses to Accept Plea Deal for Lesser Included Offense in Major Crimes Act Prosecution

Here are the materials in United States v. English (D. Colo.): 1 Indictment 33 Joint Memorandum in Support of Plea Agreement 36 Magistrate Minute Order: […]

Velchik and Zhang — An Empirical Examination of Restoring Reservation Status in Oklahoma

Michael K. Velchik & Jeffery Y. Zhang have published “Restoring Indian Reservation Status: An Empirical Analysis” in the Yale Journal on Regulation. PDF I posted […]

Native American Quillwork Tutorial | Step-by-Step Craft Tutorial by Wandering Bull

In this step-by-step tutorial from Wandering Bull, you will learn the beautiful art of quillwork, a traditional Native American craft. Our instructor will guide you […]

Peterson Zah Walks On


Alyssa Wapanatahk Brings Indignity to Disney Movie Peter Pan

Walt Disney recently released a trailer for its new live-action update of the 1953 classic Peter Pan & Wendy. The movie will feature Alyssa Wapanatâhk, […]

Idaho Federal Court Dismisses Contract Claim against Coeur d’Alene Tribe

Here are the materials in Stinson Lumber Co. v. Coeur d’Alene Tribe (D. Idaho): 1 Complaint.pdfDownload 21 Motion to Dismiss.pdfDownload 25 Opposition.pdfDownload 26 Reply.pdfDownload 32 […]

D.C. Federal Court Rejects Sault Tribe’s Third Effort to Force Interior to Acquire Land for Off-Rez Gaming

Here is the order in Sault Ste. Marie Tribe of Chippewa Indians v. Haaland (D.D.C.): 106-dct-orderDownload Briefs here.

The Native American Chicken Dance

Are you familiar with the Native American Chicken Dance? No, this is not the corny chicken dance people do at skating rinks and school dances. […]