Canada Files Amicus Curiae Brief in 7th Circuit Court of Appeals on Bad River Case

The Government of Canada submitted a brief as amicus curiae to once again ask the Court to consider “Canada’s Treaty rights” by invoking the 1977 Pipeline Transit Treaty.

As Canada states:

Canada is committed to the process of reconciliation and ensuring full protection for the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada (despite ignoring indigenous human rights obligations in recent UN Human Rights Council report), including as recognized in the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (not seen in recent recommendations from the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Peoples), and respects the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples in the United States, including the Band’s governance of its Reservation (while Tribal Nations on both sides of the border tell you to quit violating their rights). To this end, Canada supports cooperative and expeditious efforts to re-route Line 5 away from the Band’s Reservation.