Not Invisible Act Commission Report

Here, finalized on Nov. 1:


It’s over 200 pages, so I’ve only been able to skim it so far, but it appears incredibly comprehensive:

The Commission was charged with developing recommendations to the Secretary of the Interior and the Attorney General to improve intergovernmental coordination and establish best practices for state, Tribal, and federal LE to combat the epidemic of missing persons, murder, and trafficking of AI/AN persons. Specifically, the Commission was directed to develop recommendations on six key topic areas. The Commission organized itself into six Subcommittees to align with these six topic areas as follows: 

  • Subcommittee 1: Law Enforcement & Investigative Resources — Identifying/Responding to Missing, Murdered, and Trafficked Persons 
  • Subcommittee 2: Policies & Programs – Reporting and Collecting Data on Missing, Murdered, and Trafficked Persons 
  • Subcommittee 3: Recruitment & Retention of Tribal & Bureau of Indian Affairs Law Enforcement 
  • Subcommittee 4: Coordinating Resources – Criminal Jurisdiction, Prosecution, Information Sharing on Tribal-State-Federal Missing, Murdered, and Trafficked Persons Investigations 
  • Subcommittee 5: Victim and Family Resources and Services 
  • Subcommittee 6: Other Necessary Legislative & Administrative Changes