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Modoc Drops Reservation Boundaries Suit

Here is the motion in the now-consolidated case of Eastern Shawnee Tribe v. Drummond (N.D. Okla.): 34 Modoc Motion for Voluntary Dismissal.pdfDownload Prior post here.

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Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Briefs in Stitt v. City of Tulsa

Here: Stitt Opening Brief.pdfDownload Creek Seminole Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Tulsa Brief.pdfDownload Stitt Reply.pdfDownload Creek Seminole Reply Brief.pdfDownload Cherokee Chickasaw Choctaw Reply

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Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals Finds Ottawa and Miami Reservations Remain Extant

Here are the materials in State of Oklahoma v. Brester: OCCA Decision.pdfDownload Appellant Brief.pdfDownload Appellee Brief.pdfDownload Miami and Ottawa Tribes Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Peoria Tribe Amicus

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