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Slockish v. Dept. of Transportation Cert Petition

Here: slockish-petitionDownload Question presented: Whether the Ninth Circuit’s mootness ruling warrants summary reversal where the panel clearly misapprehended governing law on mootness and on the

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Ninth Circuit Orders Chickasaw Nation to Arbitration with Pharmacy Benefits Manager

Here is the opinion in Caremark LLC v. Chickasaw Nation. Briefs: Opening Brief.pdfDownload Answer Brief.pdfDownload US Chamber of Commerce Amicus Brief.PDFDownload Washington Legal Foundation Amicus

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Ninth Circuit Briefs in Northwestern Band of Shoshone Indians v. State of Idaho

Topside briefs here: NW Shoshone 9 cir brief.pdfDownload US Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Utah Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Sacred Ground Amicus Brief.pdfDownload Response briefs TK. Lower court materials here.

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